FAQ - Le Vote

About Le Vote

What is le Vote?
Le Vote is a decentralized and secure online voting service based on Blockchain technology, which simplifies the organisation of polls and voting process.

What is the interest of Le Vote for voters?
Our solution aims to re-engage citizens in the life of their community and promote participatory democracy.It also enables companies to implicate employees in the life of their company and to have an impact on their daily life. Thanks to a totally secure and transparent voting system, voters can express their opinion simply and safely, anywhere, at anytime.

Thus, you create a stronger, more lasting relationship with your voters in a transparent process.

Nb : Our offer is suitable for consultative polls only.

What are your differentiating elements compared to other online voting solutions?
Compared to a classic solution, Le Vote guarantees:

  • Full transparency of the results thanks to Blockchain technology : the voter can check his or her vote as well as the results of the vote, contrary to the classic voting solutions which are “black boxes”.
  • A 100% digital journey: Zero paper
  • A solution built with you, for you: Le Vote was designed and co-built with our users in order to provide you with the best experience possible.

In short, Le Vote offers a simple and secure system dedicated to public organizations, companies and associations.

Organization of an electronic vote

How can I organize an electronic vote?

The person in charge of organizing the polling connects to the web interface developed by Orange. He or she accesses a back office to configure the poll: the title of the polling, the question asked to the citizens, the possible answers, the context of the poll, the date of the beginning and the end of the operation.

Voters are instantly notified that a new poll is available via the Le Vote mobile application which they will have downloaded beforehand. Thereby, they can vote online; at any time and anywhere!

What is the customer journey for the voter?

The voter downloads the app and identifies himself/herself by scanning his or her ID or passport. This process guarantees the unicity, integrity and confidentiality of the vote. Once a poll is available, the voter is notified directly on the app.

He can follow the evolution of the poll (number of votes) and receive the results. After his/her vote, each voter can leave an opinion.

When are the results available?

Like in a “classic” vote, results are available once the poll is over.

What are the advantages of electronic voting?

Our voting solution simplifies the organization of polls and is part of a CSR approach. In addition, the participation rate is often higher because voters can vote anywhere at any time. Finally, you generate significant savings related to dematerialization.

How can we inform voters on the first poll?

In order to have your voters know and download the application. You can communicate through:

    • Email


    • Social networks


    • Mail


  • Advertisment display (banners, flyers…)

Can foreigners use the app?

Our application is available worldwide in french and english. To identify himself/herself, the user needs a valid passport or french ID card.

Security and Transparency

How is le Vote made secure?
Le Vote is secured through Blockchain technology.
This cutting-edge technology allows our clients to create online pollings which processes are completly decentralized and respect the principle of anonymity.

What is Blockchain technolgy?
Blockchain is “an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way” (Harvard Business Review)

This transparent and secure by design technology is decentralized and functions without central control body. (definition of Blockchain France)

What is the point of using a blockchain?

The strength of the concept lies in the decentralization of data and certification of information. Consensus is distributed. Blockchain is not an organization, or a legal or physical person who certifies the information, but the network, thanks to a forced protocol. Therefore, the information is randomly validated by a multitude of points that make up the network.

In addition, by publishing the results of the ballots on the Blockchain, we wanted to bring transparency and give polls an unfalsifiable and immutable character. Our vision is, to guarantee on Le Vote, a cybersecurity on a very large scale.

What is the security of my personal data?

Our website and application are GDPR compliant. No personal data is stored on our servers. The votes are kept (this is one of the benefits of the service) but anonymized.

All data is stored in France on Orange infrastructures.

Our offer

Who is your offer for?
Our offer is for organizations of all sizes:

    • public: cities, intercommunalities, county, region…


  • private: companies, associations, unions, education…

I am an organization and would like to work with you. How can I do so?
To subscribe to the service, you can contact us.

We will then send you a personalized offer and accompany you in the handling of the tool and the communication towards

How much does it cost?
We profile each offer on a case-by-case basis, so that it is in line with the budget of the organisation concerned. Our pricing is based on the number of voters.

Organizations can finance Le Vote via the savings generated by the dematerialization of elections and polling.

Who already uses this product (B2B, B2C, customer names…)?

The cities of Fort-de-France, Anzin, Bormes-les-Mimosas, Rueil Malmaison as well as the department of Val d’Oise and many cities of the Réunion region use our service. We also collaborate with the Normandy region and the Rennes Academy on educational projects and with companies such as the CNCPI, subsidiary of the National Institute of Industrial Property.